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Savouring Trentino...

Trentino has a truly extensive culinary range to offer, but its wines stand out in particular. In our region, the vineyards are found at high altitude; here the change in temperature between night and day allows for the unique flavour and fragrance of each grape variety to develop and be conserved. The result of the winemakers’ work is fine wine that is internationally acclaimed.

At Hotel Caminetto you can explore the world of Trentino wine, choosing from more than 200 labels. As well as wine there is also aromatic grappa, made with mountain herbs, and various types of rum.

A unique journey and a perfect way to end a day in the mountains...

... even at home

If during your holiday you fall in love with a particular product from our region, don’t worry, you can buy it directly from the Hotel!

And once you are home? Order your favourite products directly online! Alpine dairy cheese, fragrant cold-cuts, wines, sweets, fresh pasta, potatoes, apples, flour, walnuts and seasonal fruit; all the produce is sourced from farmers and producers from the surrounding area.

Begin your exploration of Trentino food and wine now!

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