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Nordic walking in Val di sole; all-round well-being

A session of Nordic Walking in Val di Sole is a true elixir for mind and body.
This sport was developed as a form of training for cross-country skiers, to then be taken up by anyone looking to stay in shape while spending a pleasant few hours in the countryside.

With the use of poles, this form of exercise tones not only the legs but also the arms, chest and shoulders, without stressing the knees. It is a form of exercise that can be defined as complete. The trials in the midst of the wilderness also help to combat another enemy of good health; stress.

Our Hotel Caminetto is located in an ideal position for this discipline; wide and easy trails, forests for enjoying cool temperatures even in the summer, breath-taking panoramas and a wide range of Alpine dairies and chalets for pleasant breaks along the way. Not everyone knows it, but it is possible to enjoy a session of Nordic Walking even in the winter: in Val di Solem there are dedicated beaten tracks.

What centres are there in Val di Sole for Nordic Walking?

Not far from Hotel Caminetto are dedicated parks for this complete sport.

  • Nordic Walking Stelvio Park - Val di Rabbi. 62 km of trails divided by difficulty in the beautiful and wild Val di Rabbi.
  • Nordic Walking Stelvio Park - Val di Peio. 68 km of trails through the panoramic mountains of Val di Peio.
  • Nordic Walking Val di Sole Route. 70 km of trails between Cavizzana and Mezzana will lead you through natural landscapes and small, characteristic hamlets.

If you want to travel a little further, here are a few suggestions.

  • Parco Nordic Walking - Presanella. 12 trails around the town of Vermiglio, almost on the border with Lombardy.
  • Nordic walking park - Alta Val di Non. 3 circuits of between 3 and 7 km in length, starting and ending in Cavareno.
  • Dolomiti Nordic Walking Park. The spectacular white peaks of the Dolomites will provide a stunning backdrop along the 3 trails over the Brenta massif.

The trails are well marked with dedicated signage.

Organised Nordic Walking sessions

We know the best trails for Nordic Walking in Val di Sole, and this is why we suggest that our guests take part in guided walks with qualified instructors who will teach you the right movements and will lead you through targeted exercises during the walk.
In both summer and winter, if you are interested in trying this discipline, ask us for further information!

The many benefits of walking in the open air

The benefits of Nordic Walking are often simplified as “using all the muscles”, but there is more. If you are still undecided, here are a number of good reasons for trying this discipline...

  • It improves breathing
  • It helps the cardio-vascular system
  • It offers benefits in the event of stiff necks
  • It loosens the joints
  • It helps increase stamina
  • If practiced regularly it improves posture
  • It helps to eliminate stress
  • It helps to expel toxins

... but above all, it lets you spend hours of total relaxation and well-being in the wilderness and the peace of Val di Sole!

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