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Activities and Fun for young children

At our family hotel, we create unforgettable holidays for adults and for their children!
With us, children can play safely in the indoors room or on the external equipped terrace, as well as have fun in the fantastic Miniclub dedicated to children aged between 3 and 12 years of age, where they will be able to have fun with new friends and the entertainers.

And there’s more.

Hotel Caminetto dedicates lots of other special occasions to children! These include...

  • Pizza or Choco Party in the afternoon

    Our chefs will prepare a truly special snack for all the children, sometimes savoury and sometimes sweet, ideal for recharging their batteries and getting back to playing.

  • Birthday party at Hotel Caminetto

    Is your child’s birthday during your stay with us? Let’s celebrate together! There will be lots of happiness and fun, making the day even better than usual...

  • Evening Baby Dance

    Wed end every day on a high with the super Baby Dance! Lots of music and movement for all our younger guests... and book excursions and guided activities in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park for you and your children with the Park operators.
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