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Rafting in Val di Sole; adrenaline and fun

Rafting in Val di Sole means riding the rapids of one of the most famous Italian torrents in the world, while having the time of your life! Accompanied by expert instructors, and armed with oars, a wetsuit and a helmet, you will take on the power of the water along a breath-taking descent... a thrilling experience suitable for both adults and children that will also bring you into direct contact with the Trentino wilderness.

The stage for these adventures is the River Noce which, with its 30 km of navigable waterways, will attract lovers of rapids from all over the world; this torrent is in fact considered one of the best rivers in Europe for rafting! The source of the river is at an altitude of more than 3,000 metres, and it flows along the Val di Sole and the Val di Non before joining the River Adige.

In two, as a family or with friends, the experience of rafting is a must for any holiday in Val di Sole... but do you want more? Then you can also book a trip by canoe or the wild experience of canyoning.

An experience for everyone

The rapids of the River Noce are between grade 3 and grade 5, and seem to be untameable, above all at the beginning of the summer when the snow at high altitude begins to melt and the torrents swell... but have no fear, in Val di Sole, anyone can have a go at rafting! Centres in the area offer personalised experiences for families with young children or groups of adults; an instructor will provide you with a thermal wetsuit, a helmet and life vest, give you a few safety instructions and then invite you all to board the dinghy. All you have to do is follow the instructions, row and have fun... and be ready to get wet!

If, during your holiday at Hotel Caminetto, you want to experience this unique adventure, all you have to do is tell us, and we will indicate the best Rafting Centres, where you can book your fantastic day on the River Noce.

Are you brave? Then canyoning in Val di Sole is perfect for you!

In addition to rafting, in recent years another discipline that is even more authentic and wild has taken hold, reserved for the brave and for lovers of excitement; canyoning.
What does it involve? Expert guides will lead you into the deep canyons carved out by the force of the water; here, with only a wetsuit and protected by a rock-climbing helmet, you will get into the water, dive from small waterfalls, and use ropes and snap-hooks to climb down into deep chasms, withstanding the cold pull of the current to then let yourself be gently pulled along like floating leaves. Canyoning brings you into close contact with the uncontaminated wilderness of Val di Sole and can be enjoyed even by those with no previous experience.


Canyons for the younger and less courageous

More than just extreme adventure, the nearby Val di Non is full of ancient canyons carved out over the aeons by the force of the water. Beauty, charm and rich biodiversity are now in everyone’s reach thanks to the equipped trails open to the public; a guide will accompany you during the visit, explaining the various aspects of nature and fascinating facts about the micro-worlds in the canyons. Children will love it, as will adults!

Exploring the hidden corners of Val di Sole in canoe

If rafting and canyoning is not enough for you, our lands offer adventure lovers the possibility to explore the waters by canoe or kayak. An ideal activity to be enjoyed during the hot summer days, even with children.
Some schools offer full courses to learn to row on the placid waters of the lakes, as well as through the rapids of the River Noce, with your own canoe! In Val di Sole, the adventure never ends...

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