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The aromas, flavours and atmosphere of our restaurant

One of the most wonderful moments in a holiday in the mountains is undoubtedly the moment when you sit down together to enjoy the delicious flavours of local cuisine.
In our restaurant, at lunch and dinner time, you can enjoy a special and relaxed atmosphere with dedicated menus for all tastes; from regional to international food, from vegetarian menus to dishes dedicated to people with special diets.
We often organise candle-lit dinners, where you can taste local produce from Val di Sole paired with the fragrance of Trentino wines from our Wine Bar.

All the authenticity of typical cuisine, and more

We have created special menus for all tastes; regional dishes as well as national and international proposals, menus for children or for special diets.

  • Regional dishes; enjoy the ancient recipes from Trentino tradition. Just a few ingredients and authentic produce from the mountains come together to create fragrant and tasty dishes.
  • National and international cuisine; special dishes from the culinary traditions of different regions and cultures. Try something new is always an experience...
  • Menus for children; simple, colourful and tasty dishes from our chefs will always be a hit with our younger guests! Tasty, but also made with attention to creating balanced portions with fresh and healthy ingredients.
  • Vegetarian dishes; we create special dishes, using local produce from our mountain area... from the vegetable garden to the kitchen!
  • Menus for coeliac disease sufferers, allergies and intolerances; tell us your needs when you book, we will always be on hand to meet any food requirements, preparing excellent dishes to meet all needs.

A tasting of Trentino wines

Our wine cellar offers the opportunity to try the best Trentino wines; More than 200 wines will allow you to take a true journey through the colours and flavours of the grape-growing areas of our region. As well as the wines, we offer aromatic grappas with mountain herbs, and rums. A romantic tasting or one to enjoy with friends, will be the perfect end to your day in Val di Sole...

Local flavours on the ski runs or on the trails

In the wintertime, ask for a discount voucher to enjoy lunch directly on the ski runs at the “Alaska Grill” Restaurant and Barbeque; the best grilled meats, polenta, specialities from typical Trentino cuisine and beyond will make your break in the snow even more special. This way, you will be ready to get right back on your skis and get moving again!
During the summer, we offer the opportunity to have a packed lunch for anyone wanting to spend the whole day immersed in nature.

Wines and local produce
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